Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Big" News for boys of a certain age......

I spotted this in the window of Model Zone in Brighton this morning.

This is BigTrak.

If you don't immediately recognise this toy then I'm afraid you really missed out as a child! This was "THE" must have gift at Christmas every boy of a certain age wanted.

The basis is simple - there's a keypad on top of the Trak into which you program unstructions (turn right, turn left, forwards etc etc). It became a bit of a cult item. Not least of all because of the terrible TV adverts that accompanied its promotion.

At £39.99 in 1980 this was a big ticket item that any recipient of this as a gift would've been eternally grateful!

Sadly I never got one :(

"Well done BigTrak!"

From the Wiki...
Zeon Ltd are planning a 2010 release of a full size replica of the original toy along with a re-release of the trailer accessory. [2], [3] The colour and graphic scheme is re-created from the U.K version and all stickers have been redrawn as a direct copy of the original artwork.
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