Friday, June 11, 2010

Not been around

Been out of the country for a bit.

Meantime here's a shot from the boat taken with iPhone. Has a curious '70's feel to the image.

The World Cup starts today and very excited as BDP is heading out to South Africa from 25th June
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  1. Hello Dean

    Would you consider posting some of your photos to a photo map I'm running as a project over this summer up until the Brighton Photo Biennial and the Photo Fringe in October and November.

    It's called Snapshot Brighton and the URL is:

    Anyone can submit via the site (and soon via smart phones) and anyone can rate each photo against a set of criteria. Interesting ways to group and explore the images will be experimented with as the project unfolds!

    The prototype has just gone live and now we need a wide variety of samples to set the tone. Your photos are very eclectic and would help a lot!

    All the best

    Peter Pavement