Saturday, November 06, 2010

What's happened... all my pics?
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  1. Looks like the celebration was a smashing success! Super photo!

  2. Dean, this is a terrific photo. It looks very much like the display put on by Brighton Lions Club (although I appreciate one display can look very much like another). I edit the monthly newsletter of Brighton Lions and I would very much like to use this pic in our next issue. May I have your permission please?

  3. Whoops - forgot to check the email follow-up.

  4. Hi there - and thanks for your interest in the website.

    This was taken at Neville Road display - is this the same display?

    Even if it isn't I'm happy for you to use the image - can you properly credit the image to within any reproductions.

    Much appreciated.

  5. Thanks Dean. No, the Nevill Road display was the competition! Anyway, I'll use the pic and give due credit. Many thanks.