Thursday, December 02, 2010

Brighton Snow 2nd Dec 2010

We interrupt our night shots series to bring you a snow shot! Brighton got a dumping of snow last night, about 6 inches. All very calm and lovely here - let the snow fun commence!
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  1. great photo last time i was down on the band stand it was nice and warm

  2. Nice sea front snow photo, I guess not that common in Brighton until the last few days. I like snow for a few days but it is wearing thin now, especially when I need or want to go somewhere.

  3. Thanks Paul & Paul - I just managed to grab this from the car as I was struggling in that day!

  4. Thanks for sharing your nice picture, Dan. I'm covering the winter snow too, as an ongoing photo diary, which you can look at here.

  5. Hi Dean,

    I work for a domiciliary care company in Seaford and we absolutely love this picture and would love to use it as our Christmas card this year to go to all our clients. I know it is a long shot as you uploaded this a few years back but wondered if you still had the high res version from your camera and if so would we be able to pay you to be able to use it as our Christmas card?

    Kind regards