Thursday, July 07, 2011

Beach huts - The Alternative.....

Courtesy of my marvelous friend Claire Palmer - this beach hut owner thought they'd strike out and make a statement - and boy did they!

Fab isn't it.....?

Well Brighton and Hove council don't think so, as I've heard they've been told to get it repainted back to the regulation Green and Red (perhaps they can keep the door as it is though as a memento of their daring deed)

Thanks for the pic Claire


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  1. What kind of boring, serious types sit on the city council? Bummer!

  2. The Council needs to read The Big Orange Splot!

  3. They are fab! So sad there is such lack of adventure on government councils.

  4. I love the paint job! What's the point of being called "Brighton" if you don't allow a ton of bright!? I bet Jane Austen would have liked it, so there.

  5. Too bad... it is clever and really seems joyful!

  6. Thank you for your comments, I agree, it seems really churlish to ask them to repaint, especially for a city that rejoices it's creativity.