Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Brighton Wheel

Courtesy of my good friend Paul "Pappa" Holdgate. This is the new Brighton Wheel in installation. This pic was taken from Paul's offices - you can just make out the Palace Pier to the right of the wheel which gives you some indication of location.

Thanks Paul.
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  1. Thank you for providing me and others with a very exciting photo site.

    I've added a link back to your site from my blogroll/linkroll at my little budget blog at

    I've also written a short bit about the site at my link guide:

    Brighton Daily Photo – as the name suggests, this is a daily photo blog for
    Brighton. This kind of project always throws up really interesting and
    different views of a city, offering a fascinating insight into the workings of
    the place.


    If it's possible, I would be honoured if you could link back to my blog.

  2. Have you been on the wheel yet? I have and it's fabulous! Great views over the pier, the sea, towards Hove and the Marina and of course Brighton!

  3. Franziska - yes - we just went this weekend - pics to be uploaded this weekend.

    Ken - leave with me.


    Dean - thanks for stopping by.